Press Release

Brnovich to DOJ: “Stop the political abuse of power.”


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PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Mark Brnovich, Attorney General of Arizona and Candidate for U.S. Senate issued the following statement on the Department of Justice suing Georgia over its Election Integrity Act.

“This is an abuse of power for political gain, pure and simple,” said Brnovich. This is not about the merits of Georgia’s law, and it never has been, evidenced by the fact that there are blue states with stronger laws that the DOJ has not targeted. This is a preview of the political strategy of the Biden Administration and the Democratic party to seize control of swing states ahead of 2022.”

“I’m no stranger to the left’s constant assault on election integrity,” Brnovich continued. “As Attorney General, I’ve frequently stood up to their attempts to undermine common-sense election laws and we’re currently awaiting a decision in one of those cases, Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee. I’m also no stranger to overreach by President Biden’s Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland. When AG Garland signaled a desire to interfere in the Arizona Senate’s rightful audit, I was swift and clear in my response. I will be clear again. The federal government is overstepping its role and weaponizing the DOJ for political gain, and it must stop. States have a right to establish laws protecting the integrity of their elections whether or not those laws are politically advantageous for the President and the Democratic party.”

“The DOJ should think twice before they come for Arizona. Because we won’t stand for it.”