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Mark Kelly SILENT on Schumer Immigration Plan

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As Senate Democrats attempt to ram through a partisan reconciliation bill filled with liberal goodies, one question remains outstanding: Where are Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema on Schumer’s Plan to legalize millions of illegal immigrants?

Despite the Senate Parliamentarian ruling that Democrats couldn’t use a budget bill to change policy, Democrats still haven’t given up: The Hill reports that part of Senator Schumer’s Plan B is a massive change to immigration law that would grant amnesty to all who arrived illegally before an arbitrary date on a calendar.

Yet, Arizonans are left wondering where are their Senators on this important measure?

Right now, Mark Kelly isn’t saying.

“Arizonans deserve to know where Mark Kelly is on the mass legalization of millions who came to the United States illegally,” said Joanna Duka, Mark Brnovich for Senate spokeswoman.