Press Release

Mark Levin Endorses Mark Brnovich for U.S. Senate in Arizona

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PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Mark Levin endorsed Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in the Republican Primary for the Arizona Senate on his radio show Wednesday. The attorney, Conservative talk show host, and Fox News anchor said, “I’ve studied your background and I’ve talked to a number of people I trust here in Arizona and out of Arizona, and I want to endorse you. We gotta win this seat.”

Levin said Brnovich “is actually taking it to the Biden Administration on a whole host of issues.”

“You got guts.” Levin said.

Attorney General Brnovich has a strong track record of taking on big fights. He recently won the biggest election case in more than a decade at the U.S. Supreme Court to defend Arizona’s common-sense election integrity laws. He sued the Biden Administration multiple times on its unlawful handling of the border and made Arizona the first state in the country to file a consumer fraud lawsuit against a tech giant.