Press Release

Mark Kelly Seeks to Federalize Elections

PHOENIX, AZ – Today, Senator Mark Kelly finally admitted that he wants to change the rules to ensure that Arizonans no longer have a say in how our elections are run. He announced he will support suspending the filibuster to pass H.R. 4 or S.2747.

Some of the provisions in S.2747, supported and co-sponsored by Senator Kelly include:

  • State-sanctioned ballot harvesting
  • Obstacles to local election leadership
  • Federal government control over redistricting
  • Taxpayer money used to fund political campaigns

Under H.R. 4, states would have to come ask Washington D.C. for “preclearance” to pass laws securing their elections.

Through his actions today, Senator Kelly is validating what we’ve been saying all along – he is a puppet of the progressive left, wrapped up in the grandeur of the Senate instead of protecting the sovereignty of his state and serving the people who elected him. When push comes to shove, we are seeing Mark Kelly stand with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on this fundamental issue.

He ironically claims to be “standing up to party politics” in an action that is nothing but a bend to the political goals of his party despite opposition from Arizonans – and his seatmate. If Mark Kelly supports something as radical as handing over Arizona’s elections, what else does he support and isn’t telling us?

“While Senator Kelly fights for more federal control and less election security, Attorney General Mark Brnovich has been fighting to keep the federal government out of Arizona’s elections,” said campaign spokeswoman, Joanna Duka. “Senator Mark Kelly would rather federalize Arizona’s elections than stand up to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.”

Brnovich defended the State Senate’s right to conduct an audit free of federal interference, won a historic case at the U.S. Supreme Court defending Arizona’s ballot harvesting laws, and stopped unlawful actions from rogue election officials. The contrast in records is clear.