Press Release

Mark Brnovich Wins Preliminary Injunction to Stop the Biden Administration from Revoking Title 42

A victory for Arizona, border security, and the rule of law

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Earlier today, a federal judge temporarily blocked the Biden administration from ending Title 42, a move that would’ve led to a surge in illegal immigration at the Southern border. This comes just after the Department of Homeland Security announced a record-setting number of border crossings—over 234,000—in April 2022.

“From day one, the Biden administration has been chipping away at our border defenses. Title 42 has been a key target in his agenda,” said Mark Brnovich, Arizona Attorney General and Candidate for U.S. Senate. “In the first eight months, the Biden administration expelled less and less migrants under Title 42—from 82% to 45%. But he didn’t stop there.”

“Title 42 has been one of our only tools to dissuade migrants from joining the Cartels’ smuggling ring to enter America. The Biden administration openly admits this, which makes it all the more concerning that on April 1st, knowing the surge that revoking Title 42 would encourage, they went ahead and rescinded it anyway,” said Brnovich. “Without a plan in place or an alternative to address the surge that would come, the Biden administration relinquished our last line of defense to the Cartels and their violent lawlessness. We had until May 23rd to respond to the Biden administration’s reckless move if we were to keep Title 42 in place.”

“That’s why as Arizona’s Attorney General, I sued the Biden administration so that we could preserve for America one of our last tools for defending ourselves. Today we were successful. The courts prevented Biden from revoking Title 42 for now. And though this isn’t the last time we will need to defend our border laws, I will always stay on task. When Biden comes after Arizona again, I will—either as the Attorney General or as our next Senator—defeat Biden’s agenda and stop his administration in their tracks.”

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