It’s time to restore trust and defend freedom.

The Brnovich plan

Securing our borders & communities

Arizonans want safety and security for their families. Ensuring that is one of the responsibilities of government, but one our elected officials routinely ignore, choosing instead to politicize our safety with politically motivated calls for open borders and the defunding of police. Enough is enough. We’re going to put safety and security before politics. As Attorney General, I’ve defended Arizona’s border security in court, taking on the Obama and Biden Administrations for their handling of the border. I’ll take that same fight to Washington.

Restoring Election Integrity

We must be able to trust that our votes count. But that trust has been destroyed by a lack of transparency and accountability fueled by the actions of rogue elections officials. There is a near constant assault on our common-sense laws – like our restriction on ballot harvesting. As Attorney General, I’ve been fighting for election integrity long before it was at the forefront of anyone’s mind, establishing the Election Integrity Unit, prosecuting those who violate our election laws, and defending Arizona’s laws in court. But the fight is far from over, and trust will take time to rebuild. We can’t have election officials changing the rules at the last minute, processes occurring without transparency and supervision, ballots being mailed universally, and the list goes on. You can be confident that I will continue to make election integrity a priority in the U.S. Senate as I have done as Attorney General.

Defending freedom

Freedom is what makes us Americans. It’s what makes us special. It’s why my parents fled communism to come here. But our leaders have continued to break trust with that promise. The threats to our most basic freedoms keep coming. I fought back in court as Attorney General. I’ll fight back as your U.S. Senator. To defend the First and Second Amendment, life, property rights, churches, and personal autonomy. I also believe business owners should be able to run their businesses as they see fit without overbearing Government interference. Rebuilding trust starts and ends with protecting your freedoms every time.

Take on crony capitalism

Government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers. As Attorney General, my job was to maintain a level playing field. Sometimes that meant getting restitution for consumers defrauded by corporations. Sometimes that meant standing up for business strangled by government and implementing a lighter regulatory touch. That same mindset is desperately needed in Washington. In addition to those challenges, we need to restore confidence in the economy by keeping jobs in the U.S. and getting Americans back to work.

An America first foreign policy

We face a fundamental divide. When it comes to foreign policy, will we put the interests of the American people first or will we adopt a globalist perspective? The answer for me is clear. The interests of the United States must come first. China remains a critical threat. We must be relentless in standing up to them. We’ve got to prioritize energy independence. You don’t want to have a second thought when you need to put gas in your car. Countries shouldn’t have leverage on us when it comes to the stability of our energy resources.